Solid Organomineral Fertilizer With Nitrogen>

Solid Organomineral Fertilizer With Nitrogen

  • Granular

Guaranteed Content:

Total Organic Matter   20
Total Nitrogen(N) 12
Amonnium Nitrogen(NH4-N)         12
Maximum Moisture   10
pH 2-4

Solid Organmineral Fertilizer With Nitrogen   >  Granular

Soiltech, is a bottom fertilizer which provides increasing of agricultural yield and enhances physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil with its rich and quality organic matter content.




Soil Application Dosage

Application Time

Greenhouse Vegetables

(Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Eggplant)

30-40 kg/decares


Apply with mixing soil preparations before planting.

Fiels Crops

(Wheat, Barley, Corn, Sugar Beet)

10-20 kg/decares

Apply before planting and top fertilization stages with mixing other fertilizers.

Open Field Crops

10-20 kg/decares

Apply before planting by sprinkling on stripes.


500-1000 gr/tree

Apply at winter and spring.


25-30 kg/decares

Apply before planting and after planting.


40-60 kg/da

Apply in winter

Fruit Trees        

(Cherrry, Hazelnut, Apple, Pear)

1000-1500 gr/tree

Apply when falling of leaves in winter and apply between bud burst stage and growth stage in spring.


400-600 gr/tree

Apply in winter and beginning of spring.


20-40 kg/da

Apply with soil preparations before planting or as stripe application on soils which will be treated.

Ornamental Plants (Clove, Gerber)

30-40 kg/da

Apply with mixing soil praparations.